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A free tool that can transform written text into audio
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TTSReader is a free application that was designed to read text aloud from any editing program on your system.
The application is really useful especially if you suffer from any kind of vision problems, because it makes written text available to you in audio format. You may also find this program convenient if you wish to engage in some mundane activity at the same time that you engage with the contents of a text, which you are now able to listen to. Children who are barely learning how to read would also find a good use for this application, because it would facilitate their following the written text. For this purpose, the program highlights the first letter of each word in the written document, and thus, it makes tracing the progress of reading considerably easier.

The program includes several different voices and interfaces, and it further allows you to adjust the voice volume and pronunciation style the way it suits you. Moreover, with this program you can skip reading an entire sentence or a paragraph, so that you do not have to listen to the entire document if you do not want to. Nevertheless, the application holds one small disadvantage: it is only able to save files in wav and mp3 audio formats.

In conclusion, TTS Reader is a useful tool that can read your text documents for you, with different voices, pronunciations, and voice levels.

Paul Cooper
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  • Free
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable voice pronunciation


  • It can only save in wav and mp3 formats
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